Yatta Con
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Game Show Information:

  • Anime Unscripted
    PatrickD, creator of AnimeCons.com, will be returning for our umpteenth annual edition of everyone's favorite improv event, "Anime Unscripted". As seen at conventions such as Anime Boston, PortConMaine, and Bakuretsu Con, this popular game show puts our guests of honor in the spotlight as they improvise to a variety of challenging games. Who wins? Who cares? Learn more about Anime Unscripted at animeunscripted.com.

  • Kuizu Hyakunin (100nin) Kikimashita (Asked 100 People Quiz)
    Two teams of five go head-to-head in this game of wits. One hundred people were surveyed with a variety of questions related to anime fandom. The team that does a better job guessing the most popular answers will be selected the winner. Is your team up for the challenge? Survey says...!

  • Anime Jeopardy
    You think you know all the answers? Big deal. Do you know all the questions? Put your anime knowledge to the test and win fabulous prizes with this year's installment of Anime Jeopardy. From old school to new fangled and from classic to obscure, the game show covers a wide variety of anime knowledge as well as some fringe topics.

  • Cosplay Chess
    It's all the latest craze...getting cosplayers out there on a giant chess board on the stage. Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite anime characters confronted each other on the battlefield? Stop wondering! Now you can watch them all battle it out before your very eyes!

Art by Svetlana Chmakova
as featured in Dramacon