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Lida Zeff

Announcing Lida Zeff

Yatta Con is pleased to announce that the extremely talented manga artist and writer, Lida Zeff, will be returning to Yatta Con. Ms. Zeff was the first American artist to sign on with Mangapop with her popular original manga, Nightbloom. Her popularity has grown non-stop since then, culminating with the Hollywood production of her bestselling manga, Two's a Crowd.

Lida will be holding drawing and writing panels as well as signing autographs. Budding artists and writers should be sure to bring copies of their work for review by Ms. Zeff and Mangapop editors!

Join us on Friday evening for a sneak preview screening of Two's a Crowd. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session by Ms. Zeff and the film's director.

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